Classes in Tucson

On-going classes in Tucson four-week series

By appointment we will come to your Post or Organization with enrolled students.

We give ongoing weekly classes in Tucson, AZ and Zoom classes teaching self-help “Resources for Resilience” techniques to relieve stress and to thrive in body, mind and spirit. We serve all Military, Veterans, Family members, Survivors and Caregivers. The VA approved the “tapping technique” effective for PTSD, insomnia, depression, anger and grief etc. Class times for Tucson and Zoom on Facebook at Holistic Military and Veterans Project.

  • What happens in classes? We explain, demonstrate & give handouts on “Resources for Resilience (R4R)” techniques & everyone will self-administer them.
  • Confidential. Only you will know what you are focused on in class. Techniques are re-applied for any issue/condition.

We teach Resources for Resilience” (R4R) techniques

  • What are “Resources for Resilience” (R4R) techniques? A collection of mind-body approaches for improving human functioning.
  • Who can learn the techniques? People of all ages, men, women, adolescents and children 7 and older can learn in one lessen. Everyone is encouraged to attend. You already possess everything you need to master these techniques. You’ll find it interesting how quickly and easily you can feel relaxed, peaceful and safe.
  • What will the R4R techniques help? Physical pain, fatigue, anger, anxiety, stress, depression, addictions, any fear, grief, trauma, hyper-vigilance, insomnia and much more. One of the techniques taught in class is Emotional Freedom Technique sometimes referred to as “tapping”. The VA administration approved the “tapping technique” as effective for PTSD and more.

 Are the R4R techniques effective? Research at: Click on “resources” on top bar line then scroll down and click on “EP Research”.   

  • Time: Dates and times to be decided. We meet once a week. Call Samuel to reserve your space in class.  Registration is required along with a four-week commitment.
  • Cost: The four- week series cost $40.00.
  • Location:  TBA We can look into scheduling to come to your post or organization upon completion of enrolled students.

    Led by Susan Warren, Arizona State and Nationally Licensed/Certified Professional Counselor LPC Samuel Schoonover (USMC Veteran) Master’s Counseling, Massage Therapist & Teacher

    Contact: Susan (520) 444-7070 or

    Samuel (831) 334-0333 in Tucson email:

    Donations welcomed. Culture of Peace Alliance non-profit 501(c)(3) EIN Tax ID # 86-0707194